• Quality Policy

    The management and all the employees of the company Production of Heat Balkan Energy DOOEL Skopje are dedicated on continuous improvement of their operation, primarily by increasing the productivity in the process of heat production... Read more

  • Licenses

    The company PROIZVODSTVO NA TOPLINA Balkan Energy DOOEL Skopje owns the activity license issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia (UP1 No. 11-291/12), based on the Energy Law of the Republic of Macedonia. Read more

  • History

    The company PROIZVODSTVO NA TOPLINA Balkan Energy DOOEL Skopje started working on 27.11.2012, with registered office in Skopje and it is a part of the Balkan Energy Group. Read more

  • Environmental protection

    Integrated environmental permits

    The district heating plants “Istok” and “Zapad”, as industrial facilities, belong to the group of large installations for combustion with a nominal heating input higher than or equal to 50 MW... Read more